What People are Saying

“The price tag was a bit salty. The main feature that I can appreciate right now is that, when I left it sitting on my inspection table, some of the welders saw it and asked for a demonstration.  Later, word spread that ‘The weld inspector had some new super-expensive fancy inspection gauge and they had better watch weld size and undercut a lot closer.’  In that alone it paid for itself.  I can see it would be great for those situations where you have to reach up around and behind a beam to inspect a weld you can’t really see or measure well, even using a mirror and fillet gauge.” -G.D. Sr.

” I use mine every day. Best all-in-one inspection gauge on the market!” -J.L.

“Bought one and I love it!” - J.V.

“A lot quicker measurements, rather than pulling multiple tools.” -A.M.

“I need one of these right now! I’m a CWI, and this looks like the perfect multi tool for making test plates for welders as well as performing routine VT inspections.”  -M.M.

” Now they tell me. Retired 6 yrs now, working  here in a patio shop on Maui now. Would’ve been nice if I had this when I was welding…….mmmmm, should I go back go back to welding… Nah. LOL.” -E.A.

“If you are a welder worth your salt, you need to have one of these in your bucket; very impressed with this tool.” -M.C.

“Bad… welder’s worst fear…LOL.” -O.M.

Love this Gauge !” - J.R.

“It’s like an NDT Swiss Army tool” - J.P.


  • Measure all dimensions of butt welds at once
  • Measure Hi-Lo
  • Compare porosity diameters
  • Measure bevel angle
  • Measure Hi-Lo with pit gauge
  • Measure undercut
  • Made with linear motor laser CNCs
    Made with linear motor laser CNCs
  • Made in U.S.A.