Universal Weld Gauge price includes impact-resistant case($29.99) sales tax($12.75) and shipping($7.50)

$182.99 (USD)


The price you see includes priority shipping ($7.50), sales tax ($12.75), and the impact resistant carrying case (a $29.99 value). $182.99 is the “out the door” total. We know you like to know exactly how much something is before you buy, so we make easy for you. We appreciate your business.


Universal Weld Gauge by Jennings Weld Gauge Company can effectively measure:

*Both fillet weld leg lengths simultaneously ( 0”to 1”long) *Fillet weld throat dimension simultaneously. (0” to 0.832” long) *Fillet weld cross sectional contour and profile simultaneously. *Fillet weld undercut. ( 0 to 0.250” deep). *Butt weld width ( 0” to 1.25” wide. *Butt weld cap and root reinforcement or under fill simultaneously( 0 to .125” deep). *Butt weld cross sectional profile and contour. *Pipe or plate misalignment. (0” to .500”)

This patent-pending gauge is simply placed on the weld of interest and does not require tightening or loosening. It features a button that can be depressed to control the friction of the indication pins for measuring welds in the overhead position or to hold measurements to be viewed later on. It can be effectively used with one hand in most circumstances and is designed to be ambidextrous (easy to use left of right handed).
This is a complete weld profilometer that is laser cut out of 16 gauge stainless steel making it stronger than other gauges on the market. It is very compact enabling it to fit into tight corners and does not require as much base metal surface to fit up to welds. This one tool does the job of many as it completely measures an infinite range of fillet welds, butt welds and misalignment.

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