Jennings Compact Pit Gauge (Inch scale only)


Product Description

Jennings Compact Pit Gauge (JCP gauge)

1. Pits, undercut, under fill from 0 to 1/4″ deep.
2. Cap reinforcement, hi-lo, and fillet leg sizes, from 0 to 1/2″ high.
3. Porosity diameters from 1/16″ to 1/8″.

Unique features and capabilities:
1. Capable of measuring slightly skewed or warped T joint fillet welds.
2. Has double the height measuring capacity of typical V-WAC gauges.
3. Is 1/2 the size of typical V-WAC gauges enabling it to have exceptional versatility.
4. Is made from thicker stainless steel and has tapered tips on pick and dial for added accuracy and durability.
5. Has a sturdy spring-loaded fastener that eliminates the chore of tightening and loosening the thumb screw.
6. Has a very large expanded dimension scale for increased legibility and accuracy.
7. Has a very sleek and flush design making it comfortable to carry in pockets.
8. Is Patent-pending and is 100% made in the USA by Jennings Weld Gauge Company.

Additional Information

Weight 70 g
Dimensions 2.20 × 0.20 × 1.40 in


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