One Tool Can Replace ALL of Your Weld Gauges?

This single tool measures:

  • Fillet weld throat, legs, and hypotenuse, complete contour all at once
  • Butt weld cap reinforcement, weld width, undercut, underfill, hi-lo, complete contour all at once
  • Bevel angle
  • Pits, undercut, hi-lo
  • Porosity diameters

This one tool does the job of many as it completely measures an infinite range of fillet welds, butt welds, and misalignments/discontinuities. And it measures in ALL positions (including overhead)

  • This patented gauge is simply placed on the weld of interest and does not require tightening or loosening.
  • The compact design enables it to fit into tight corners and does not require as much base metal surface to fit up to welds
  • Featuring a button that can be pressed to control the friction of the indication pins for measuring welds in the overhead position or to hold measurements to be viewed later on.
  • Can be effectively used with one hand in most circumstances and is designed to be ambidextrous (easy to use left or right handed).
  • This is a complete weld profilometer that is laser cut out of 16 gauge stainless steel, making it stronger than other gauges on the market.
  • This gauge comes with belt-clipped carrying case with keychain hole for height-work security and the Jennings Gauge Case (a $30 value).
  • Available in Metric or Standard
  • Measure all dimensions of butt welds at once
  • Measure Hi-Lo
  • Compare porosity diameters
  • Measure bevel angle
  • Measure Hi-Lo with pit gauge
  • Measure undercut
    Measure undercut
  • Made with linear motor laser CNCs
    Made with linear motor laser CNCs
  • Made in U.S.A.

What People Are Saying:

” I use mine every day. Best all in one inspection gauge on the Market!” -J.L.

“Bought one and I love it!” J.V.

“A lot quicker measurements , rather than pulling multiple tools.” -A.M.

“I need one of these right now! I’m a CWI, and this looks like the perfect multi tool for making test plates for welders as well as performing routine VT inspections.”  -M.M.

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